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Vondi's Natural Beef & Tripe Dog Food 500g

Vondi's Natural Beef & Tripe Dog Food 500g

VONDIS Natural Beef & Tripe Dog Food 500g


Nothing beats high-quality beef, and our VONDIs natural beef and tripe healthy home cooked dog food offers only the best nutritional value. Our natural beef and tripe dog food range provides your dog with all the highly bioavailable protein they need and vitamins like B12, B6, and B3. It also contains essential minerals like iron, zinc, and selenium.

  • Feeding guide:

    • A small dog like a Dachshund, Yorky, Poodle, etc., should have a half-packet per day.
    • Most small-medium dogs like Spaniels, Jack Russels, Fox Terriers, Scottys, etc., should have ¾ packet per day.
    • Medium dogs such as a Staffie, Bull Dog, etc., should have 1 to 1.5 packets per day.
    • Many medium-large breeds like Labradors, Dalmatians, Boxers, Collies, etc., should have 1.5 to 2 packets.
    • Large breeds such as Alsatians, Golden Retrievers, Bull Mastiffs, etc., should have 2 to 2.5 packets of Vondis Healthy home cooked dog food
  • Additional information:

    • All ingredients are fresh, free-range, and organic, where possible.
    • Our grains are of top quality and come from credible sources.
    • The omegas come from pressed olive oil, real animal fat, and meat.
    • We use no preservatives, which have been proven to be harmful and may cause many diseases.
    • We use no extrusion processing therefor all nutrients get retained and absorbed.
    • Low cooking temperatures ensure that proteins and enzymes do not denature.
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